An understanding of what makes a product a software solution has gained importance since not a few software developers and vendors are inclined to calling individual applications or bundle of applications as software solutions.

In the world of Information Technology (IT), applications bundled together as mere combinations, does not quite make it as a software solution. Not unless the provider integrates service to its product suite in order to fully and successfully address a particular problem when dealing with complicated situations while carrying out their business by way of computer technology.

The distinction therefore between a simple application and a combination of applications sold as a single package is that the former is just a “product.” Vendors bundling several applications into one package, are into selling “product suites.”


Now if a software vendor adds value to their product by including a mix of customization, implementation,consulting and similar services to their programs, with a commitment to solve a particular problem encountered by a business entity in the computing environment, then that supplier is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) offering a set of services and software designed to deal with a specific IT problem.

Citing Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions as Example

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is that aspect of a business that deals with an organization’s method of handling and managing varying relationships with different people; be they customers, suppliers, service providers and the like, whose interest or connection to the enterprise is intertwined throughout the lifecycle of its business.

A CRM software solution for this niche is one that furnishes services and solutions from point of inquiry up to point of sales. The solution offered goes beyond furnishing applications for sales and marketing system; but is all encompassing by including programs and services for addressing related human resource issues, handling of customer services and management of the supply chain, all for the purpose of increasing business productivity leading to stability and profitability.