Understanding XaaS in Today’s Cloud Computing Technology

The term XaaS or Everything-as-a-Service is a cloud computing term that describes various applications and services over the Internet. Originally known as the SaaS or Software-as-a-Service but accessed from site premises, the cloud computing services now includes emerging apps and platform services that can be accessed on-demand via the Internet. Everything-as-a-Service gives customers greater flexibility in tailor-fitting their computing environments in ways that meet their desired experience.

Prior to the introduction of XaaS, businesses had to purchase every SaaS programs they needed to optimize their business processes. Today, they only have to pinpoint what they need and subscribe to a particular platform service. The approach is very handy as they can also businesses can simply add new components any time. As opposed to the time when computing developments required linking together the servers, hardware, software and other components they purchased, XaaS has made cloud computing more simple yet handy.

Examples of Services Offered by XaaS

Unlike SaaS, XaaS offers a broader range of services that include but not limited to IT-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service, Function-as-a-Service and Security-as-a-Service.

Since applications have become more portable, XaaS enables vendors to form cross-platform arrangements, data integration platforms and streamline connectivity, which makes real-time computing cycles much easier to complete. However, the quality of service depends on reliable Internet connectivity and strong cloud services.

XaaS also lets business organizations manage virtual machines or VMs being hosted remotely in a vendor’s data center when configuring and deploying VMs.