While eCommerce is now the norm in selling and buying amidst the worsening COVID-19 crisis, robot delivery systems can enhance safety in the exchange of goods. As the most common method of contactless delivery system currently being used by online retailers and food businesses merely involves the dropping and pick-up to and from a specific location, human handling at point of origin is still not eliminated.

Actually autonomous robots have long been in use as carrier devices by airports, hotels and even by major private universities in many urban areas in the U.S. it is now gaining traction as the best method of contactless delivery, because unlike truck drivers and motorcycle delivery riders, the autonomous machines cannot be infected.

In fact, business is booming at Starship Technologies, the major producer of robot delivery machines in the U.S. Not a few restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers of essential products, are now looking to make buying by way of mobile apps a lot easier and safer by way of Starship delivery robots.

Robot delivery service is a combination of mobile applications, policies for implementing safe handling and agreements between entrepreneurs and customers to make the delivery system smarter, safer and efficient.

About Starship’s Delivery Bots

Starship’s delivery bots were initially seen by large companies as novelty features that can enhance the image of their company as a high-tech business entity. They later proved as cost efficient  solutions  for streamlining business processes and in minimizing certain logistics-related costs such as manual labor and fuel.

Described as advanced devices weighing not more than a hundred pounds, Starship delivery bots are designed and equipped to carry food, groceries, and parcels from the business outlet, for direct delivery to the buyer located within a 6-kilometer (4-mile) radius.

Once a robot delivery is underway, its entire journey can be tracked and monitored by way of a related smartphone app. Customers will receive notification about the estimated time of arrival of the robot and the stuff they ordered.

During Starship robot’s journey, the automated device travels at pedestrian speed, whilst capable of navigating its way around people and objects. To ensure the security of the item being delivered, the cargo bay of the device can be mechanically locked and can be opened only by the customer using his or her smartphone app.

Aside from its cost-efficient feature Starship robots are likewise appealing because of their clean and green technological features.