When seeking to become part of the growing mobile shopping industry, envision the kind of online shopping store you plan to roll out. Start with establishing your type of ecommerce; whether you intend to sell directly to consumers ( business-to-consumer or B2C) or do online trade with other business entities (business-to-business or B2B).

Next, visualize the kind of selling experience you intend to create for your customers, as doing so will help you decide on the kind of ecommerce platform to use in building your website. No need to hold back on the kind of features and functions you plan to incorporate. Unlike before, there are now open source platforms available to use and modify in ways you want your e-business website to perform.

Have a look at Magento Commerce, an open source ecommerce platform that affords power to create a business website envisioned as unique and a cut above the rest. When it comes to providing customer experience, Magento Commerce offers an array of out-of-the-box features that give programmers unsurpassed ability to customize, integrate with third-party service providers and enhance with a broad selection of business extensions.

Magento Commerce Main Features and Benefits

One’s vision of a unique ecommerce website depends on one’s concept of meaningful customer experience. Yet it all boils down to giving customers opportunity for interacting with product brands by way of rich page content; and from those pages, avenues open to allow seamless shopping experience.

Although such goals are standard, realization is made possible by intelligent and efficient operations. More importantly, as an open source platform, Magento Commerce allows business operators to redefine a website’s concept of seamless shopping, by modifying features and services in ways that keep up with current popular demands and trends.

Magento’s Page Builder

Page Builder is a powerful tool for creating contents that permit customers to view images and videos, product detail pages and other pages for discovering new products. Moreover, the Page Builder tool is capable of displaying products, promotions and pricing preferences, customized based on customer location, order history, gender, wish list choices and more.

Creating content is not confined to standard layout as the Page Builder tool allows flexibility of design without need for codes. More importantly, all content pages furnish a smooth path to product purchase.

There are several other features afforded by this tool that empower an ecommerce website to create and fashion contents in the most visually appealing and purchase-supportive ways possible.

Shop Anywhere, Everywhere and Anytime Features

This Magento Commerce feature handles mobile shopping aspects that apply to any device. Capabilities include adjusting designs, layouts, images, and menus to fit the screen of touch sensitive devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Furthermore, a mobile ecommerce shopping website can combine B2C and B2B functionalities, adding additional features like requests for quotes, order requisitions, order forms and more.

Shop anywhere feature is made possible as Magento Commerce runs on Amazon Web Service, allowing deployment of websites anywhere except in China and GovCloud. In addition, other B2B ecommerce functionalities include data driven business intelligence, shipping services, inventory management, order management and customer service.