ClearURLs Makes a Comeback at Chrome Web Store After a Successful Appeal

ClearURLs, a well-known privacy browser extension was removed by Google from the Chrome store due to some violations that the creator regarded as ridiculous. Nevertheless, Kevin Röbert the developer ClearURLs modified the extension and successfully made an appeal to Google. As of now, the browser extension ClearURLs is still available at the Chrome Web Store for use in other browsers like Microsoft and Firefox.

Robert told The Register he was informed via email by the Chrome team that his work was removed from the store due to lack of an accurate description, keyword spam, and using permissions. Personally, Röbert believed that his extension was removed because it has the potential to disrupt Google’s business model, which helps advertisers in tracking elements via URLs. If Röbert’s presumption is really true, then Google will also try to remove other similar software extensions from the web store that also targets URLs with tracking elements for purposes of altering them.

What Does ClearURLs Do?

Kevin Röbert describes ClearURLs as one that removes tracking elements inside URLs to ensure there is no unwanted tracking individuals browse through the Internet. Röbert said that a lot of websites utilize tracking elements in their URL which enable them to monitor the users’ online activity.

Tracking codes aren’t really necessary for a website to properly work, audience will still vis8t the site even when the tracking elements are removed by the extension. URLs that are very long usually have such elements in them, to which Robert mentioned Amazon URLs as classic examples of long URLs for their products.