Now more than ever, startup and existing businesses have come to fully grasp the importance of having an Internet presence by way of a website. Running the business on a tight budget is no longer a detriment, since there are web hosting sites that rent out their platform and furnish related services, free of charge. Free services though include only standard features, such as web hosting and development, server maintenance, Internet connectivity, backup, disaster recoveries and some extra elements.

Nonetheless, building a website via free web hosting is a good enough start, since customers can expect to receive reliable hosting services that keep the website up and running. Not all hosting sites though, offer the same range of free services or have the capability to keep a website up and running nearly all the time.

Still, there are certain drawbacks to using a free web hosting platform because the arrangement is not covered by a contract. Certain restrictions or limitations may be imposed, or a number of ads may appear without giving free customers the right to select or to limit displays. At worst, the hosting provider may decide to close shop at short notice, leaving an inexperienced free customer frantic, whilst searching for ways to keep his or her website running without interruption.

Choosing the hosting platform with the likeliest potential to outlast competition may prove important as a criterion. Checking out reviews and recognitions received, is an additional approach to selecting the most reliable free hosting website. In using those criteria, an assessment of available choices will likely point to Wix.

A Cursory Look at Wix as a Viable Web Builder and Host

Wix has gained favorable attention as a compleat website builder and host from both free and subscribing customers. This is attested to by “Finances Online,” a popular business review and directory platform for Business to Business (B2B) SaaS. The review platform conferred the 2018 Q1 “Best Website Builder Software” and the “Best Shopping Cart Software” awards, as well as the final 2018 “Expert’s Choice” and “Great User Experience” awards to Wix.

A website builder that comes with a web-hosting feature, Wix offers a FREE package of basic services and use of its software. The free Wix package includes secure hosting services with up to 500 MB storage and bandwidth, and unlimited web pages that can be accessed by viewers using desktop and/or mobile applications.

Use of Wix’s free web-building tools and web-hosting services is without time limit, with option to upgrade to any of Wix’s premium bundles. The lowest priced bundle is an advertisement-free plan with a Custom Domain Name feature, costing $11 per month.

Wix’s web building software enables users to create a professional-looking website, supported by a Code module for database collection, AI for design customization, and by an open API structure for adding functions deemed necessary by the business. A Wix feature that provides great user experience on the part of the website owner is the SEO optimization facet that helps in improving quality of web page contents. User experience, as far as website viewers are concerned, can be optimized with the use of free-to-download Wiz mobile app.

When looking to enhance a website with third party business solutions, including but not limited to Customer Relationships Management (CRM) apps, the Wiz platform is capable of connecting and integrating seamlessly. Moreover, this award-winning web building and hosting site takes pride in maintaining a team of experienced and responsive professional support providers, whom Wiz platform users can communicate with by phone or email.

Software development has advanced in ways that made it possible for entrepreneurs and work-at-home disciples to grow their business with minimal external professional assistance. Certain software applications like desktop publishing and computer-aided design (CAD), enabled businesses to create materials in-house, which eliminated the need to spend additionally for designer expertise and cost of printing services.

Desktop Publishing Software is in wider use since most businesses start out by creating basic communication and marketing materials like business cards and stationery, brochures, posters and web-based press releases. In fact, even professional designers benefited from this tool as it allowed them to expand and venture into providing online publishing services.

Desktop Publishing Software Made Printing and Publishing Affordable to All

In the mid-80s, printed business materials became less costly with the advent of Aldus Pagemaker and the Mac computer. Still, spending on marketing and advertising materials were limited, as startup businesses had very little resources to use in acquiring and installing such software.

Nonetheless, opportunities started getting better with the introduction of desktop publishing software that required only design and publishing skills upon installation.

Moreover, the availability of online tutorials on how to use and manage a readily usable page layout made desktop publishing a less daunting task.

Online educational courses on the basics of graphic design combined with publishing techniques made desktop publishing software a worthy business investment. Professional graphic designers either gained employment, or ventured into offering printing and publishing services.

Cloud Desktop Publishing

A few years later, the introduction of cloud-based desktop publishing altogether made the application accessible and truly affordable. Simply downloading a desktop publishing software in one’s PC, will give users great opportunity for improving, if not acquiring knowledge on how to arrange and rearrange texts and graphics on readily available page layouts.

Even ordinary households benefited from downloadable software as they can now access tools for creating greeting cards, invitations, resumes, academic work, and personalized stationery. Even if hardly equipped with designing skills, they develop printed outputs at par with professionally-crafted materials.

To date, leading the host of software providers that offer downloadable publishing and typesetting applications as desktop tools are Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Publisher.

Free to Download Desktop Publishing Software

The next best alternative to the software provided by those industry giants are the free downloadable desktop publishing programs developed by lesser known independent providers. Making bad designs is no longer a problem, since a user can always make modifications at no extra costs.